Press Release

Stolen corporate secrets could be used against Britain MWR InfoSecurity has warned

Corporations must understand that their information can be used in sequence to piece together substantial advantage for a competitor.

The company issued the warning following comments to the BBC from British intelligence indicating that business secrets were being stolen on an industrial scale.

Alex Fidgen, director at MWR InfoSecurity, said: “Corporations must understand that their information can be used in sequence to piece together substantial advantage for a competitor who is sponsored by a foreign state.”

“The UK Government has already made the link between cyber espionage activities and current and future loss of Corporation Tax but the background to all of these attacks indicates that the economic empowerment of the ‘attacker nation’ could have a significant impact in the UK’s economy.”

He added: “This is the landscape of the present and future, and we can expect all governments developing such capabilities to use cyber tactics both offensively and defensively.”

The Chancellor George Osborne has recently promoted the UK’s cyber budget, which will include £210 million investment in the National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP), and previously questioned spending on other more conventional anti-terrorism programmes as compared to cyber security.

Fidgen said: “The budget increase along with the release of this information and its timing appears to confirm the wish of the UK Government to show the ‘bigger picture’ and highlight some of the substantial challenges that are being faced.”

He finally added: “Businesses need to understand that the current nature of the attacks is far more sophisticated than the customary IT security standards. Corporations have to step up and respond to these attacks. They need to use their financial resources more effectively and start thinking differently if they want to protect their intellectual property.”



Accreditations & Certificates

MWR is an accredited member of The Cyber Security Incident Response Scheme (CSIR) approved by CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers).
MWR is certified under the Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme to deal with sophisticated targeted attacks against networks of national significance.
We are certified to comply with ISO 9001 and 14001 in the UK, internationally accepted standards that outline how to put an effective quality and environmental management systems in place.
MWR is certified to comply with ISO 27001 to help ensure our client information is managed securely.
As an Approved Scanning Vendor MWR is approved by PCI SSC to conduct external vulnerability scanning services to PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2.
We are members of the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST), an organisation serving the needs of the information security sector.
MWR is a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), which provides commercial and procurement services to the UK public sector.
MWR is a Qualified Security Assessor, meaning we have been qualified by PCI to validate other organisation's adherence to PCI DSS.
As members of CHECK we are measured against high standards set by NCSC for the services we provide to Her Majesty's Government.
MWR’s consultants hold Certified Simulated Attack Manager (CCSAM) and Certified Simulated Attack Specialist (CCSAS) qualifications and are authorized by CREST to perform STAR penetration testing services.