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MWR receives Princess Royal Training Award


MWR InfoSecurity has been celebrated for its ongoing professional development with a Princess Royal Training Award.

The award, given to MWR at a ceremony held at St James’ Palace in London, highlighted MWR’s training event HackFu as a “superb example of collaboration, skill development and leadership both for the company and the wider industry”. 

This year saw the tenth edition of HackFu in the UK, with more than 100 individuals taking part in an immersive training experience over a weekend in June.


Split into five teams, recruits had to complete team scenario-based challenges that tested their creativity, knowledge and encouraged them to learn new cyber skills. As part of the wider picture participants had to manage their resources and negotiate fake news, subterfuge and double agents to ultimately work save the world from disaster!

Such has been the success of HackFu that MWR now also conducts an event in South Africa. MWR has also begun providing HackFu events to clients to deliver the same level of immersive and educational experience. Further information on this year’s HackFu UK can be found here

The Princess Royal Training Award recognizes the hard work that has gone into HackFu over the past ten years to make it an industry-famous event. Staff throughout the company work tirelessly to provide both the challenges and the training itself, something that MWR believes sets HackFu apart from other training programs. Training should be not just a tick-box exercise; for new knowledge and experiences to sink in, involvement must be immersive, collaborative and above all fun. 

MWR looks forward to the next ten years, and beyond, of providing HackFu to its staff and the wider industry. 

About The Princess Royal Training Awards

The Princess Royal Training Awards is an honour for employers in the UK who have created outstanding training and skills development programmes which have resulted in exceptional commercial benefits. The awards are delivered by the City & Guilds Group, global leaders in skills development. 

About MWR InfoSecurity 

Established in 2003, MWR is an independent cyber security consultancy delivering research-led cyber security for clients around the globe. 

It provides specialist advice and solutions in all areas of security, from professional and managed services, through to developing commercial and open source security tools. It focuses on working with clients to develop and deliver security programs, tailored to meet the needs of each individual organisation. In a rapidly changing technology landscape, innovation is essential and its ambition to push boundaries sets it apart. Evidence of this approach is well documented on its dedicated research and development platform, MWR Labs. 

Central to MWR's philosophy is the desire to deliver high quality cyber security consulting services and unsurpassed levels of support to clients.



Accreditations & Certificates

MWR is an accredited member of The Cyber Security Incident Response Scheme (CSIR) approved by CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers).
MWR is certified under the Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme to deal with sophisticated targeted attacks against networks of national significance.
We are certified to comply with ISO 9001 and 14001 in the UK, internationally accepted standards that outline how to put an effective quality and environmental management systems in place.
MWR is certified to comply with ISO 27001 to help ensure our client information is managed securely.
As an Approved Scanning Vendor MWR is approved by PCI SSC to conduct external vulnerability scanning services to PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2.
We are members of the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST), an organisation serving the needs of the information security sector.
MWR is a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), which provides commercial and procurement services to the UK public sector.
MWR is a Qualified Security Assessor, meaning we have been qualified by PCI to validate other organisation's adherence to PCI DSS.
As members of CHECK we are measured against high standards set by NCSC for the services we provide to Her Majesty's Government.
MWR’s consultants hold Certified Simulated Attack Manager (CCSAM) and Certified Simulated Attack Specialist (CCSAS) qualifications and are authorized by CREST to perform STAR penetration testing services.