BSides Cape Town 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015 4 years ago ,

MWR will be presenting a whole range of activities as part of our sponsorship of BSides Cape Town.

MWR is pleased to be sponsoring BSides Cape Town! This year we will be presenting a talk on the Altech Node and also running a password-cracking workshop, where we will be guiding participants through the process of cracking hashes for our competition “Smash the Hash”. And finally, we will be hosting the evening drinks once all the days activities have finished.

Smash The Hash

A competitive password cracking challenge that will see which BSides Cape Town attendee can rack up the most points during the event. Hashes will be released during the morning of the conference, with users having to crack a variety of hash types worth different points. Access the site from the BSides Cape Town WiFi to compete!

Check out this blog post – A practical guide to cracking password hashes for inspiration.

Event Description

BSides Cape Town 2015 is an innovative one day information security conference, open to the public, and focused on providing an open platform for sharing ideas, insights, and developing longstanding relationships with others in the community. It is a rare opportunity to directly connect and create trusted relationships with key members of the community. The attendees come from a vast range of backgrounds local, nationwide and globally.

Talks presented by MWR

Topic: Ode to the Node

Speaker: Kyle Riley


As the local market for Video on Demand services booms, multiple South African vendors are developing innovative products to quench the ever growing needs of consumers. One such product is Altech’s set-top box solution, the Node, offering features such as streaming of HD content over satellite, the ability to integrate with smart home devices, and an Android container.

The Altech Node was analysed by a team at MWR Labs, which led to a number of security vulnerabilities being identified. The talk discusses the security measures implemented, as well as the strategy employed to uncover security flaws that ultimately led to code execution and reaching a privileged context on the device.

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